CAPP Training refers mainly to the courses offered by two organisations.

The CaPP Institute
Coaching is an emerging profession that, when done well, has the power to help people transform their personal and professional lives. In the spring of 2011, The CaPP Institute will host a 2-day accelerated coaching course, led by nationally-acclaimed, ICF-credentialed personal and executive coach Valorie Burton. It is aimed at equipping established and aspiring coaches with the educational and foundational tools to be exceptional, effective personal development coaches who attract and sustain a thriving client base. Are you ready to take your coaching career to the next level? Do you want to be effective in every coaching session? Do you want to understand the specific techniques that will accelerate your clients’ progress and your bottom line? Do you value evidence-based training that is rooted in research and tried-and- true methods? If so, don’t miss this event! You will walk away with a certificate in personal development coaching and the core skills to excel at helping others accelerate their growth and success in work and life.

This intensive training course is for:
* Aspiring coaches who want to be trained in proven methods for highly effective coaching
* Those who are interested in incorporating the pioneering field of positive psychology (the academic study of optimal living, success, and well-being) into their coaching practice
* Established coaches who are looking to build upon their existing knowledge and add to their coaching skills at an advanced level
* Personal and executive coaches (that includes life coaches!)
* Consultants, managers and others interested in learning powerful coaching skills

What will I learn?
* A proprietary coaching method that empowers you to confidently conduct truly powerful coaching sessions every time
* How to incorporate basic positive psychology-based principles into your coaching practice to enhance well-being and optimize client performance
* Strategies to market your coaching practice effectively and profitably
* How to attract and sustain a steady client base

CAPPEU five values:

Strengthening the World: This is our overall mission. In everything we do, we want to leave you stronger.
Igniting thinking: Innovation is at our heart and in our heads. We find new and better ways to do things.
Pioneering research: New discoveries need to be shared. Help us get the word out there.
Enabling others: We enable you to do it for yourself. It’s how we leave you stronger.
Making it happen: We make a difference by helping you make things happen. Be a catalyst.

The Strengths Taster: An in-house event for your organisation consisting of an invigorating 90 minute introduction to Realise2 and the Strengths Approach- for absolutely anybody.

The Strengths Practitioner Programme: Take your knowledge of strengths and Realise2 to a deeper level on either the 2 day or 5 week remote Strengths Practitioner programme -for Coaches, HR Professionals, Psychologists and Managers.

The Team Strengths Practitioner Programme: Unlock the potential of teams through increased performance, communication, engagement and strategic alignment.

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