Dear being in becoming, please join us for the Eckhart Tolle Vancouver Meetup around Metro Vancouver.

Current gathering locations include:
KITSILANO: some Thursdays or Fridays
WEST-END: every Tuesday at WE Coffee

An updated scheduled is published on:

While the Eckhart Tolle meetup blossoms effortlessly each time we meet, this are some examples of how we facilitate making space and being present at the gathering in Kitsilano:

– Kim Eng guided meditation
– listening to Eckhart’s pointers – Part I
– sharing presence
– listening to Eckhart’s pointers – Part II
– sharing presence
– good-bye

Eckhart’s gatherings in West End, Langley, etc.:
– kindly organised independently by volunteers around Vancouver Metro area. Indoor most of the year.
– organisers decide day, time, location, etc. Please contact them if you have any question, and please show them your gratitude for putting their time and energies in facilitating these gatherings in the presence moment.
– if you meet in public places, enjoy what the present moment brings. If you meet in private gatherings, please take the steps your common sense may suggest (ex.: gather in an agreed public location first, see how the group’s energy feels, decide what you prefer to do when it is time to move to the private location, etc.).
– please be proactive in asking the organisers if their costs are covered. Organisers are already volunteering their time and energy to facilitate the cafes.

For the sake of clarity πŸ™‚ these are meetups pointing to Eckhart Tolle’s teachings. It is not a meeting with Eckhart Tolle himself. Even if it is possible one day he will be present πŸ™‚

This is a peer-group, with facilitators but no leaders. It is a co-created group. Peace and metta,


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