Sharing your New Year Resolution with a group of supporting peers facilitate your success. You see we all have ups, downs. Times when our motivation is at its highest, and times when we need to be resilient. Our online group has a minimum of 5 participants and a maximum of 19. This group brings peers together to share resolutions, challenges and achievements.

Frank Ra facilitates New Year Resolution support group: online. Frank is a certified life-coach, experienced business coach, Dharma instructor, well-being facilitator. He has been coaching and working in eCommunication since late 1995. He has been creating awareness about AmAre as an inspirational, strategical, tactical, assessment and outreach tool to facilitate living a happy, meaningful and fulfilling life. He is Italian, has spent most of his adult life in North America, England and Estonia, and traveling around the World. He settled in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.


Choose your New Year Resolution support group (online):

New Year Resolution support group – Online
Each New Year Resolution support group package includes:
– eBook “A course in happiness”
– 3 Skype sessions (90 min. each), hold on specific days (in January 2012; February 2012; March 2012) with Frank and other group members


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