New Year Resolution Ideas for 2012: for many of us, the main challenge of making a New Year Resolution is to choose among the many opportunities available. In some cases, however, the situation may be the opposite. No matter what is your current take about this, provides some examples of doable and very precise New Year Resolution Ideas for 2012:
* Get Fit
* Health-e-Cards for Holidays and New Year
* Lose Weight
* Manage Debt
* Drink Less Alcohol
* Get a Better Education
* Get a Better Job
* Quit Smoking Now
* Reduce Stress at Work
* Reduce Stress Overall
* Save Money
* Take a Trip
* Volunteer to Help Others

What are your New Year Resolution Ideas for the upcoming 2011?

In terms of popular New Year Resolution Ideas for 2012, 43Things community mentions:
1. lose weight
2. get a job
3. be happy
4. Fall in love
5. Save money
6. Quit Smoking
7. Read more
8. get married
9. run a marathon
10. move out

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  • ushabalaji says:

    I am very much greatful to you for helping me to have some new year resolution and in fact this website is very useful for me to shape my resolution and make it success.

  • April Lara says:

    Your page is very useful. I have some ideas as well but yours are great!

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