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Wellness at Work is a Free Lecture Series offered at UBC Robson Square Vancouver.

What’s Working for Health?

Be encouraged by the examples from workplaces where health and wellness are priorities. Discover how ideas and initiatives that have worked for others could be adapted to your workplace and home life. Find out what’s had the most impact and why, and expand your understanding of wellness at work to include emotional, intellectual, social and physical well-being.
Thu, Feb 3, 12noon-1pm; UBC Robson Square. FREE.

Built to Thrive: Healthy Workspaces
Do you know how your workspace impacts your wellness? Learn how factors such as light, noise, air quality, materials and colours affect your health. Find out how to adapt your workspace in ways that lessen fatigue, and improve clarity and creativity.
Thu, Feb 10, 12noon-1pm; UBC Robson Square. FREE.

Emotions on the Job
It’s no secret that stress levels affect physical health, but where do emotions fit in? Science offers valuable information about the impact of emotions on the body and how the brain interacts with emotions. Discover how you can apply this understanding to manage your emotions and the emotions of others at work in ways that support a healthier workplace.
Thu, Feb 17, 12noon-1pm; UBC Robson Square. FREE.

Exercise CAN be Part of your Day
Explore how to incorporate healthy movement into your workday regardless of your current level of fitness or flexibility. Learn some simple stretches that can be done in your chair or practised invisibly as you walk through your workplace to enhance your creativity and energy levels. Come prepared to move and stay motivated to make exercise a part of every workday.
Thu, Feb 24, 12noon-1pm; UBC Robson Square. FREE.

More information and free registration available on: http://cstudies.ubc.ca/wellness/series.html