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Always Have the Support of a Joyful Mind.

Follow the Inner Witness Rather Than the Outer Ones.

All Teachings Have the Same Goal.

Work With the Five Forces. the Five Forces Are:
* Be Intense, Be Committed.
* Familiarization – Get Used to Doing and Being What You Want to do and to Be.
* Cultivate the White Seeds, Not the Black Ones.
* Turn Totally Away From All Your ego Trips.
* Dedicate All the Merits of What You do for the Benefit of Others.

When Something Unexpected Happens, in That Very Moment, Treat it as a Meditation.

Understand Your Attachments, Your Aversions, and Your Indifference, and Love Them All.

Let Even the Remedy Itself Drop Away Naturally.

Treat Everything You Perceive as a Dream.