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Velten Mood Induction uses Elation (Positive) Mood Statements. Starting from neutral statements, it builds up positive feelings using more positive statements. Like a koan, one example is worth more than books written about it…

1. Today is neither better nor worse than any other day.
2. I do feel pretty good today, though.
3. I feel light-hearted.
4. This might turn out to have been one of my good days.
5. If your attitude is good, then things are good and my attitude is good.
6. I feel cheerful and lively.
7. I’ve certainly got energy and self-cofidence to share.
8. On the whole, I have very little difficulty in thinking clearly.
9. My parents are pretty proud of me most of the time.
10. I’m glad that I’m in college – it’s the key to success nowadays.
11. For the rest of the day, I bet things will go really well.
12. I’m pleased that most people are so friendly to me.
13. My judgments about most things are sound.
14. It’s encouraging that I get farther into my major, it’s going to take less study to get good grades.
15. I’m full of energy and ambition – I feel like I could go a long time without sleep.
16. This is one of those days when I can grind out schoolwork with practically no effort at all.
17. My judgment is keen and precise today. Just let someone try to put something over me.
18. When I want to, I can make friends extremely easily.
19. If I set my mind to it, I can make things turn out fine.
20. I feel enthusiastic and confident now.
21. There should be opportunity for a lot of good times coming along.
22. My favourite songs keep going through my mind.
23. Some of my fiiends are so lively and optimistic.
24. I feel talkative – I feel like talking to almost anybody.
25. I’m full of energy, and am really getting to like the things I’m doing on campus.
26. I feel like bursting with laughter – I wish somebody would tell a joke and give me an excuse.
27. I feel an exhilarathg animation in all I do.
28. My memory is in rare form today.
29. I’m able to do things accurately and efficiently.
30. I know good and well that I can achieve the goals I set.
31. Now that it occurs to me, most of the things that have depressed me wouldn’t have if I’d just had the right attitude.
32. I have a sense of power and vigour.
33. I feel so vivacious and efficient today – sitting on top of the world.
34. It would really take something to stop me now.
35. In the long run, it’s obvious that things have gotten better and better during my life.
36. I know in the future I won’t over-emphasize so-called “problems”.
37. I’m optimistic that I can get along very well with most of the people I meet.
38. I’m too absorbed in things to have time for worry.
39. I’m feeling amazingiy good today.
40. I am particuiarly inventive and resourceful in this mood.
41. I feel superb! I think I can work to the best of my ability.
42. Things look good. Things look great!
43. I feel that many of my friendships will stick with me in the future.
44. I feel highly perceptive and refreshed.
45. I can find the good in almost everything.
46. In a buoyant mood iike this one, I can work fast and do it right the first time.
47. I can concentrate hard on anything I do.
48. My thinking is clear and rapid.
49. Life is so much fun; it seems to offer so many sources of fulfilment.
50. Things will be better and better today.
51. I can make decisions rapidly and correctly; and I can defend them against criticisms easily.
52. I feel industrious as heck – I want something to do!
53. Life is fimly in my control.
54. I wish somebody would play some good loud music!
55. This is great — I really do feel good. I am elated about things!
56. I’m really feeling sharp now.
57. This is just one of those days when I’m ready to go!
58. I feel great!

From “The induction of elation and depression through the reading of structraed sets of mood-statements“, by E. Velten, 1967