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The Bodhi Tree bookstore, one of the institutions of the spiritual community in Los Angeles, is going to close down. Located in 8585 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069 and a landmark for local eager readers, the Bodhi Tree book store has a rich calendar of events, made available on http://www.bodhitree.com/event.html

Transcripts from past lectures (but only up to 2007) at the Bodhi Tree bookstore are available on http://www.bodhitree.com/lectures.html

As reported by the LA Times, “the founding owners of the Bodhi Tree Bookstore are dealing with the closure of their L.A. institution as only spiritualists can. “In our best Buddhist sense, we try to incorporate the idea that things always change,” says Phil Thompson, who, along with Stan Madson, opened the Bodhi Tree 40 years ago. Through the years, their cozy Melrose Avenue shop became a nationally known, much beloved center for Buddhists, astrologers, psychics, yogis, swamis, acupuncturists, naturists and others seeking enlightenment.

Thompson and Madson decided to sell the property to a local business owner who leases space to several other nearby retailers. The store will be closed within a year, they say”.