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The 7th regular international conference named in honour of Eugeny A. Torchinov (1956 – 2003), an outstanding Russian scholar of Oriental cultures and religions, is going to be held at the Faculty of Philosophy, Saint-Petersburg State University (Russia), on 22 – 25 th  June, 2011 (tentative date).

The focus of issues at the Readings this time will be concentrated on investigations of the metamorphoses of Oriental religions, cultures and philosophic systems, in the Asian countries themselves, as well as  in the West and in Russia.

Themes open for discussion:
Understanding of  the world, human, society, consciousness transformation processes by oriental philosophers
Transformation of understanding of the East in Western and Russian philosophy
Transformation of norms and values in Oriental cultures
Historical metamorphoses of the traditional Eastern peoples` life
Social crises and metamorphoses of personality in the East
Oriental religious and psycho-technical practices: transformation of the practitioner`s consciousness
Phenomenon of the religious transformation in the East
Metamorphoses of the Oriental religious and philosophic systems
Transformation of images of the East in Russian culture
Metamorphoses of the East under the influence of the West: humanitarian dimensions
Historical changes of the significance of Eastern cultures in Western societies
Western human in cultures of the East: a transformation of mentality
Artistic  interpretation of social life changes in the East
Problem of Oriental cultures transformation processes
Investigation of  E. A. Torchinov academic heritage

Scholars and researchers of different aspects of Eastern philosophy, religion and culture are invited to take part in the Conference. We also invite philosophers, historians, anthropologists, psychologists and specialists in religious studies investigating range of Oriental issues. Application for the participation should be filled in electronic format on the Conference’s site at the following address: http://torchinov.ru/ru/reg_form/.

Working languages of the Conference are Russian and English.

By the beginning of the Conference, we are planning to publish and distribute among the authors the CDs with summaries and full texts of presented papers in format of *doc  or  *pdf.  The book of collected papers is planned to be published after the Conference, during the year 2011. The text of  paper should be presented in electronic form only.  For publication should be sent a research paper (no short theses) with its size not less than 10.000 and not more than 20.000 characters, including gaps and footnotes, supplied with citations bibliography.
When designing the article you must use the technical pattern, which is on the Conference site. Materials for publication must be sent till March 10, 2011.  Editing of materials is suggested before the book will be issued.  After the release of the book every author will receive one copy free of charge.

All questions on the Readings to be addressed to the Org. Committee by e-mail: torchinovcon@gmail.com, or by tel. +7(812) 328-94-21 (add. 1852). For further information see: http://torchinov.ru.  Postal address: 199034 Russia, St-Petersburg, Mendeleevskaya liniya 5, room 17 (The Department of Eastern Philosophy And Cultural Studies).

Organizing committee of the 7th Torchinov Readings:
Dr. Prof. Yury N. Solonin (President, the Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy)
Dr. Prof. M. Sedgwick, Denmark
Dr. Prof. K. Preisendanz, Austria
Dr. M. St. Zieba, Poland
Dr. Prof. Anatoly S. Kolesnikov
Dr. Prof. Marina E. Kravtsova
Dr. Prof. Irina F. Popova
Dr. Prof. D. L. Spivak
Dr. Prof. Andrey P. Zabiyako
Dr. Vladimir V. Emelyanov
Dr. Sergey V. Pakhomov (General Coordinator)
Dr. Cyril U. Solonin
Dr. Tigran G. Tumanyan
Dr. Yaroslav V. Vassilkov