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Social entrepreneurship needs Social capital markets. Markets need transparency and trust. AmAre formula can be used both by beneficiaries and investors, to maximize an effective and efficient ROI. When it comes to effectiveness, inspired by Maslow’s pyramid, we see that in some contexts, social capital is about improving the way physiological needs are served, in others the way the need for personal actualization is facilitated. When it comes to efficiency, investors can rank the priorities by perceived importance for the beneficiaries, and then dedicate their efforts to the ones which are both important and meet the investors current strengths.

A model to quantify this can be seen on: http://spsh.amareway.org/

When the technological infrastructure allows it, or when agents can survey part of the population, beneficiaries can rank how important a variable is, and what is their current level of satisfaction with it. The variables with highest importance and lowest satisfaction level are the ones which need attention first. Investors can then add their own rank, in terms of the perceived strengths they have to satisfy each variable, for example assigning 100 points among them, and starting from the ones with higher importance, lower satisfaction level and higher strength factor.

This is Social entrepreneurship, the AmAre Way.