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Shiken haramitsu daikoumyo

February 21, 2011

Shiken Haramitsu Daikoumyo is a sacred ‘nine-syllable’ Buddhist mantra in Japanese.

The kanji which represents this is: 四拳 波羅蜜 大光明

shi-ken: 四拳 = (shi|four)-(ken|heart/fist)
ha-ra-mitsu: 波羅蜜 = (nami/ha|wave)-(ra|gauze)-(mitsu|nectar)
dai-kou-myo: 大光明 = (dai|big/great)-(hikari/kou|light)-(akarui/mei/myo|bright)

shiken represents four perspectives:

The Merciful Heart: expresses love for everything.
The Sincere Heart: follows what is right.
The Attuned Heart: follows the natural order of things.
The Dedicated Heart: holds to the chosen pursuit.

In summary: is the sensation and the harmony perceived by the sense of hearing and heart.