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Shahar Rabi

May 27, 2010

Shahar Rabi is Co-Founder and Director of Education for the New Earth Institute, a Nova Scotia based non-profit holistic education and research centre. Over the past fifteen years, Shahar has led workshops in Israel, India and other countries about integral intelligence and wellbeing, taught philosophy in high schools and universities, and worked as a dance teacher and choreographer. He is a yoga and meditation teacher who lived in monasteries in India, Nepal and Thailand. He has studied with great teachers in the field of non-dual philosophy and yoga. He has been a member of communities engaged in the search for a unifying vision of a more holistic way of being.

He has a Masters degree in the field of management in education and a B.A. in Philosophy and Education. His Masters thesis focused on the sense of coherence amongst young people and the effects of meditation on wellbeing, health and functionality in everyday life. He won an award from the President of Israel for excellence in education and an award for social activity in his home city after founding a Second-Hand Center. He has a great deal of experience in teaching and bringing together Eastern and Western wisdom in a practical way.

As reported on http://www.whistleryogaconference.com (Whistler Yoga Conference, June 4-6 2010, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada).