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An interesting point from Seth Godin, former Yahoo marketer and currently a writer and Squidoo founder:

Here’s a common human trick: before you state your complaint, wind yourself up with a preface that makes your complaint even more plaintive and more vivid. “Do you know who I am!” […]

You’ve heard it, and perhaps you’ve done it. It’s interesting to trick yourself by doing precisely the opposite. […] “I love owning this device, it lets me manage my life and contacts, and the one thing that would make it even better is…” It’s important to leave out the word “but.”

The fascinating thing about this approach is that not only does it make you happier when you say it, it increases the chance that the person you’re complaining to will actually do something to help you.

We believe this is really worth doing, because it makes all the parties involved feel better. So, let’s ensure our rights as customers are respected, and also respect the people (human beings who often have no blame in what we are reporting, and hopefully are there to help us) liaising with us. Full Seth’s post available on http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2010/01/amplifying-complaints.html