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Spirituality And Creativity is the theme of the 14th European Transpersonal Conference hosted at the Baltic Beach Hotel, Jurmala (20km from Riga, on the Baltic sea coast), Latvia, in September 2012.

The mission of Spirituality And Creativity is to focus on the interaction of creativity and spirituality in the field of psychology and psychotherapy, as well as on the role of these phenomena in the growth, transformation, healing, everyday life of an individual and in the development of human society as a whole.

Participants and lectures. About 300 participants are expected, and about 70 lecturers, workshop leaders and performers. Leading specialists in transpersonal psychology, psychotherapy, philosophy, and arts – are being invited from more than 20 European countries, USA, and Australia. Among the presenters: Ingo Jahrsetz (Germany); Vladislav Kenga, Mara Vidnere, Aivis Dombrovskis, Guna Svence, Arija Karpova, Arturs Dombrovskis. Mirdza Liepina, Aija Dudkina, Izabella Reute (Latvia); Jure Biechonski (Estonia); Marius Daugelavicus (Lithuania); Vladimir Maykov, Gennady Brevde, Sergej Strekalov (Russia); Vitor Rodrigos (Portugal); Bernadette Blin (France); Pier-Luigi Lattuada, Prem Sambhavo (Italy); Sergej Fausto Sommer (Switzerland); Liv Evensen (Norway); Vineta Lagzdina (Australia); Steven Schmitz, Stuart Sovatsky, Christel and David Lukoff, Connie Miller, Dana Klisanin, Melisca Klisanin (USA), and many others.

Themes include:
– What do we mean by the word “spirituality”?
– Do spirituality and religiosity differ, and if so how ?
– The significance of spirituality in psychology and psychotherapy?
– Does spirituality influence creative thinking, and if so how?
– Does creative thinking and activity promote spirituality, and if so how?
– The spiritual and the material – the same or opposites;
– Spirituality and modern science;
– The interconnection between spirituality and creativity;
– Scientific research on creativity;
– Creativity in altered states of consciousness and everyday life;
– Factors promoting and inhibiting creativity;
– Manifestations of creativity from antiquity to the present day;
– The economic or spiritual crisis?

More information on: http://www.transpersonal.lv/eurotas/EN_eurotas.html