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Martin Seligman: Martin Seligman’s videos on happiness and optimism.

Martin Seligman on happiness: VIA Signature Strengths exercise

The VIA Signature Strengths exercise is designed to encourage you to identify and own your signature strengths by finding new and/or more frequent uses for them. As challenging situations arise in your life, ask yourself how your signature strength could be applied to improve or make the most of the situation.

Martin Seligman on Counseling

Martin Seligman: optimism definition

Find out how Dr. Martin Seligman defines optimism.

Martin Seligman: optimism and Gratitude Visit

The Gratitude Visit exercise is a powerful tool for increasing life satisfaction because it amplifies good memories about the past, and it forges a very strong bond with an important person from your past. The goal of this exercise is for you to experience the power of expressing your gratitude to someone who has touched your life.