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The 5th European Conference on Positive Psychology in Copenhagen, Denmark started today (June, 23rd) and will continue until 26th. The focus is on how the science of well-being is changing the lives of individuals, communities, and institutions around the globe; there is a special perspective on what is happening in Nordic Countries and the wider European context, with an eye on the rapidly approaching future.

The conference covers themes such as:

– Positive psychology towards 2025: Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats
– Evidence-based educational and professional application, and misapplication
– Cross-cultural and universal perspectives on positive psychology: what is an optimal balance?
– Nordic issues: Societies and institutional analysis
– The media: how they are energizing and depressing people
– The environment: what is the contribution of Positive Psychology?
– Art and Science in Positive Psychology

Speakers include:

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Claremont Graduate University, USA

William Damon, Stanford University, USA

Michael Eid, Freie Universität, Berlin, Germany

Antonella Delle Fave, University of Milan, Italy

Barbara Fredrickson, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hil, USA

Howard Gardner, Harvard University, USA

Felicia Huppert, University of Cambridge, UK

Corey Keyes, Emory University, USA

Alex Linley, CAPP, UK

Willibald Ruch, Universität Zürich, Switzerland

Wilmar Schaufeli, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Carmelo Vázquez, Facultad de Psicología de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain

Ruut Veenhoven, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Joar Vittersø, University of Tromsø, Norway

More information on the official website: http://www.ecpp2010.dk