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Rupert Spira experienced the non-dual nature of experience, as a renowned ceramic artist who examines the relationship between consciousness and form.

Rupert Spira‘s exploration is designed to demonstrate the fallacy of our inherited beliefs about reality and to replace them with the facts of our direct experience, our True Nature. He has been influenced by Atmananda Krishna Menon, the great Indian Sage, who taught Jean Klein. Heavily influenced by Jean Klein,Francis Lucille began to form retreats, intensives and stasangs.

Rupert recently published a book entitled ”The Transparemcy of Things”,

Rupert Spira offers live sessions you can join here. He begins the session with a short introduction or contemplation on the nature of experience and will then be available to receive questions from participants. The meeting lasts two hours and every participant has the opportunity to participate in the conversation. To fully experience the meeting we recommend that you have a video camera and a microphone connected to your computer.

Rupert Spira: Exploring our Experience: Non Duality Advaita/1