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The Science of a Meaningful Life: Seeds of Compassion, Roots of Empathy is a day-long seminar, featuring Dacher Keltner and Mary Gordon, offering strategies to cultivate compassion, empathy, and resilience in yourself, others, and children.

Dr. Keltner will present research-based tips for fostering empathy, compassion, and other positive skills in yourself, in children, and in colleagues and clients. He will also shed light on those who have trouble forming compassionate relationships, such as those who suffer from social disorders like autism.

The seminar will also feature a presentation by Mary Gordon, the internationally recognized founder of the trailblazing Roots of Empathy program. The Roots of Empathy curriculum centers on regular classroom visits by an infant and parent—a way of teaching children how to identify and reflect on their own thoughts and feelings, and to develop empathy for others. Ms. Gordon will discuss why developing empathy among children and adults is essential to caring, peaceful societies, and she’ll explain how her work has dramatically increased positive behaviors and decreased aggression in hundreds of thousands of children.

More information are available on: http://greatergood.berkeley.edu