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Resolutions for new year: how to make them meaningful, and keep them? A new year resolution is designed to be a meaningful, sustainable and successful one, when you are:

Aware and accepting:
You explored various aspects of your life, and understood your priorities for 2012 and for the medium term. Example: “my health deserves care and attention. In 2012, I dedicate the necessary time to keep fit”. You also accepted that whatever change you want to implement, it will require your time and commitment. Remember to build rituals (actions you perform regularly). Example: “I am even fitter this year! And I will go jogging before work, and than have a short walk at lunch-time, eating in an open space”. Sticking to this ritual may be challenging initially (“I have to do this! No time for jogging!”), however by doing what you promised yourself to do, you will be more aware about what counts and how to find plenty of time for it. You benefit from precise rituals, otherwise your daily routine will just carry-on as usual.

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Meaningful and motivated
Your new year resolution for 2012 makes a difference in your life, and in the life of the people around you. Example: “by being healthy, I am able to do my daily tasks with higher energy, and people will benefit from it as well”.
Active and attentive: positive resolutions, focused on your actions (being/doing what you want to do) are more powerful than negative resolutions (moving away from something), which are focused on what you do not want to do. Because your attention goes on the words you use. For example, you can use positive, more holistic resolutions as “I am breathing fresh this year! I am even fitter this year! I am spending more joyful time with my family this year!” (our attention is on fresh air, being fit, staying with the family), instead of “I want to quit smoking, eat less, spend less time at work” (our attention would focus on negative aspects). In addition to this, you are attentive to the signals your body and mind send you, in addition to the ones provided by people and environment around you. So you ensure to be on an appropriate path to implement your resolution.

Resilient and respectful
You can keep your resolution, even when external circumstances are not facilitating it. That’s the importance of resilience: being able to bounce back on your feet, even during challenging situations. At the same time, every being, even people who seem uncooperative with you, deserve respect. We are all on the same boat, figuring out our present and future, trying to do the best of it. So cultivate a support network: share your new year resolution with people you trust. If you know someone who shared her/his new year resolution with you, commit to meet at least twice a month to touch-base, and support each-other on your successful journey! (“We’ll meet on the first and third Tuesday of every month for one year at XYZ tea-house at 6.00PM. We are reserving this day to speak and motivate each other, and we are putting this in our agenda right now”).

Eating properly and exercising
No matter if your resolution is focused on being even fitter, or on something else, you benefit from feeding your body and mind with appropriate food, in appropriate quantities, and by exercising. This ensures you have full energy to devote to your resolution.

Reading the initial of each of the suggested approaches above, you see the word AmAre, which in Italian means “to love” and, in English, interconnectness: (I) Am (we) Are. AmAre is designed as an acronym, to remember easily what matters when you want to live a joyful life, in this case making a new year resolution.

These are effective inspirations and approaches to make, and keep, your meaningful new year resolution. Everything else is implementation 🙂