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Quality of Life Therapy and Coaching (QOLTC) is, according to Michael B. Frisch who wrote about QOLTC on The Encyclopedia of Positive Psychology (Blackwell Reference Online): Quality of Life Therapy and Coaching or QOLTC is a comprehensive and evidence-based approach to positive psychology intervention. Clients are given tools for boosting satisfaction and fulfillment in any one of 16 specific areas of life in order to enhance overall contentment or quality of life. These areas include: life goals-and-values; spiritual life; self-esteem; health; relationships with friends; partner; children and relatives; work; play; helping; learning; creativity; money; surroundings-home; neighborhood; community; and relapse prevention. While quality of life coaching is aimed at nonclinical populations who wish to be happier and more fulfilled, quality of life therapy teaches therapists and clinicians how to integrate the latest in positive psychology into their clinical practice.Quality of life coaching and therapy is evidence-based in so far as this package of interventions has been evaluated as successful in two separate trials conducted at different laboratories with different clients, that is, a coaching sample from Beth Israel Medical Center in Boston and a clinically depressed sample at Baylor University.

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