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The Natural Unfolding of Psychotherapy Process into Non Duality: An Experiential Demonstration
In this two hour seminar non dual psychotherapy will be placed in a historical sequence of the natural unfolding of psychotherapy process. This naturalistic unfolding reflects the nature of mind/awareness continuum as well as the unfolding of the nature of subjectivity and otherness into the intersubjectivity of nondual oneness. This experiential presentation will demonstrate the unfolding of subjectivity from a mind based understanding to radical shifting of subjectivity being the very basis of the awareness continuum which is multidimensional and infinite in its horizons. The historical progression proceeds from a mind located subjectivity, through the temporary phase of becoming aware of the mind as distinct from awareness , then through the more powerful posture of awareness becoming of aware of awareness itself. The next and the most radical phase is the leap wherein the emphasis is on the revelation and manifestation of the three dimensions of non dual awareness. These various steps in the naturalistic unfolding will be demonstrated experientially and the implications for the practice of psychotherapy made explicit.

Speaker: Rudy Bauer

Rudolph Bauer Ph.D. is a Diplomat in Clinical Psychology and holds Consultant Status in The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. His postdoctoral studies include phenomenology at the University of Leuven, Belgium, psychoanalytic psychotherapy as well as phenomenological psychotherapy. He has over 30 papers and chapters on topics in psychotherapy. He was Director of Psychology Training at The University of Maryland Medical School as well as a faculty member of Johns Hopkins University. He is currently Co Director of The Washington Center for Consciousness Studies where he teaches seminars in non dual psychotherapy as well as Dzogchen awareness meditation. He has had the great fortune of studying for over 30 years with wonderful Masters of Kashmir Shaivism , Dzogchen Tibetan Buddhism and Daoist Qigong. Every morning he and his wife Sharon teach meditation practice through live video streaming on the internet .www.meditatelive.com.