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MA Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy: University of East London offers the opportunity to study and carry out original research on an aspect of psychosynthesis psychotherapy, at a very deep level, at the country’s oldest psychosynthesis institution.

Programme structure: One year, part-time programme.

Career opportunities
Graduates of the Trust are fully recognised as counsellors/psychotherapists within the UK, and work in many areas of the public sector, education and private practice.

MA graduates will be able to practise psychosynthesis psychotherapy to the highest level, with a secure academic and practical foundation. There are also opportunities for teaching and lecturing available throughout the psychotherapy world, open to students with such top-level qualifications.

Each student has an individual pastoral Student Tutor for personal and individualised support with their academic work;
Students are also assigned to tutorial groups, where they will give and receive peer support.
On a practical level:
The Trust has its own library, and students are also provided with original reading material, and may purchase additional articles and resources;
Students have access to UEL’s Stratford Campus library, which houses the School of Psychology collection;
Books required for the programme are on sale from the Trust office, and can also be sent to students for a small fee;
There is a Common Room, equipped with a microwave etc, for the use of the students;
A Meditation room is available for students requiring a quiet space.

Completion of a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychosynthesis Counselling or equivalent;
Completion of PET’s Atrium Year;
Completion of Clinical Case Study 3;
250 supervised clinical hours

More information on: http://www.uel.ac.uk/postgraduate/programmes/psychosynthesispsychotherapy.htm