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PositScience.com’s brain training software programs speed up and sharpen the brain from the roots up. According to PositScience, they are clinically proven by independent researchers to help people think faster, focus better, and remember more. These improvements help you be your best for whatever matters to you—at work, with family and friends, in life. PositScience’s games include:

Auditory: PositScience Brain Fitness
The original Brain Fitness Program software speeds up and sharpens the auditory system of the brain for faster thinking, sharper focus, and better memory.

Visual: PositScience InSight
InSight does for the visual system of the brain what the Brain Fitness Program does for the auditory system. It improves how your brain takes in, reacts to, and remembers what you see.

Driving: PositScience DriveSharp
DriveSharp is a brain fitness program that strengthens the cognitive skills essential for safe driving. The result: fewer nail-biting moments and greater confidence behind the wheel.

PositScience official website is http://www.PositScience.com

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