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Creative Thinking and Problem Solving is a personal development course for project managers, middle and senior managers and those in creative roles who have complex problems and would like to harness creative thinking tools in order to generate new ideas.

Course Overview
– What are creativity and innovation, and why are they important?
– How the brain works in respect of creativity and innovation
– Difference between vertical and lateral approaches;
o what are the benefits and weaknesses
– Learn creative thinking tools:
o Brainstorming
o Tony Buzan’s Mind-mapping
o Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats
o Metaphorical thinking
o Rule Reversal
o Bissociation
– Methods of testing ideas for practicality and relevance
– Apply the more fluid style of the right hemisphere of the brain
– Recognise and cope with obstacles to creativity in the mind, in approach and in the working environment
– Understand the limitations and applications of conventional problem solving
– Apply mind mapping tecnhiques to workplace problems
– Ensure that creativity becomes a useful tool for day-to-day problem solving

More information about this and similar personal development courses can be found on: http://www.reedlearning.co.uk/training/courses/personal-development