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Video: Dr Martin Seligman Flourish: how to assess PERMA life satisfaction and Subjective Well-Being

Inspired by Dr Martin Seligman Flourish. See an approach to assess PERMA life satisfaction and Subjective Well-Being. Our video analyzes where Positive Psychology can meet with different spiritual traditions, to facilitate clients’ flourishing.

We start by integrating an “outcome-centred” approach (Dr. Martin Seligman’s PERMA) with an “input-centred” approach to well-being (AmAre) to facilitate the clients’ journey from fragmentation (values, goals, cognition and behaviour are not aligned, and detrimental, to each-other) to unity (values, goals, cognition and behaviour are aligned, and contributing, to each-other).

We mention Evolutionary Theology as a working tool for practitioners facilitating interfaith peer support groups. We introduce the key aspects of Madhyamaka, Advaita Vedanta, and Jewish Tikkun Olam and Chesed, showing how personal development for the benefit of all beings is an underlying theme to different religious and spiritual traditions.

We summarize some positive psychology interventions which are beneficial to the process.