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The Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies sent the following announcement of a program developed by Paul Ekman and Allan Wallace to be presented in Santa Barbara, California, and in Phuket, Thailand:

People around the world suffer from anger, greed, jealousy, hate and other afflictive emotional states every day. During the 2000 Mind & Life Institute conference, the Dalai Lama requested that a program be developed to address destructive emotions, not just in conversation but also in society.

In response, emotion researcher, Paul Ekman, PhD, and contemplative scholar, B. Alan Wallace, PhD, developed a 42-hour psycho-educational program called Cultivating Emotional Balance (CEB).

The aim of CEB is to teach participants skills that facilitate greater emotional regulation and focused attention through didactic and experiential methods. CEB is an evidence-based curriculum that draws from empirical research on emotion, coupled with contemplative practices that are rooted in Buddhist traditions.

Throughout the program, participants learn to identify the physiology and facial expression of emotions, develop attention skills and mindfulness, as well as cultivate meaningful aspirations for genuine happiness and resilience. A primary goal of CEB is for participants to gain greater flexibility and choice in cognitive and emotional processing.

A randomized-controlled trial documenting the outcomes of the CEB program will be published in the journal, Emotion. Future studies should continue to investigate the empirical basis for the importance of combining emotional skills with contemplative practices.

More than 100 individuals from over 25 countries have been trained as CEB teachers at the Thanyapura International Mind Centre in Phuket, Thailand, under B. Alan Wallace, Paul Ekman and Eve Ekman.

The third Cultivating Emotional Balance Teacher Training (CEBTT) will be taking place this summer in Phuket. The teacher training focuses on learning the theories and practices of psychology regarding emotional balance, as taught by Eve Ekman, and the relevant theories and practices of Buddhism, as taught by Dr. Alan Wallace, particularly focusing on the cultivation of attention, insight through the practice of mindfulness, and the qualities of loving-kindness, compassion, empathetic joy, and equanimity (the Four Immeasurables).

The format will consist of a combination of lectures, meditation, and discussion. Applications are currently being accepted.

To apply for the 5 week CEB Teacher Training in Phuket, Thailand, request a detailed application by emailing retreats@sbinstitute.com and mention CEBTT 2012, in the subject of the email.

Also, there will be a weekend meditation retreat on Cultivating Emotional Balance from Feb 3rd-5th, 2012 at the Santa Barbara Mission Renewal Center. For information for the weekend retreat, please email info@sbinstitute.com