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EEG headsets: which is better among Neurosky Mindwave, Emotiv Epoc and OpenEEG?

NeuroSky: MindWave, MindSet, Mindflex, XWave headset, MyndPlay BrainBand and Star Wars Force Trainer
NeuroSky MindWave retails for $99.95. NeuroSky adapts electroencephalography (EEG) and electromyography (EMG) technology to fit a consumer market such as entertainment, education, automotive, health and wellness. MindSet, Mindflex, XWave headset, MyndPlay BrainBand and Star Wars Force Trainer also uses NeuroSky chips.

Emotiv EPOC
Emotiv EPOC
The Emotiv EPOC has 14 electrodes (compared to the 19 electrodes of a standard medical EEG, and the single electrode of most competitors). Emotiv EPOC has a two-axis gyro for measuring head rotation. It can also measure:

– Conscious thoughts (Cognitiv suite): 12 kinds of movement

– Emotions (Affectiv suite): “Excitement”, “Engagement/Boredom”, “Meditation”, and “Frustration”

– Facial expressions (Expressiv suite): Individual eyelid and eyebrow positions, eye position in the horizontal plane, smiling, laughing, clenching, and smirking

The OpenEEG project offers individuals a way to build their own EEG device, at the cost of about $200 and a few weekends time.

EEG software: premium, free and open source EEG
You can try brainwave entrainment software for free, and then if you decide to purchase it, get a 10% discount on brainwave entrainment software. Just use Mind WorkStation free trial and discount coupon code and Neuro-Programmer free trial and discount coupon code.

EEGLAB is a GNU Matlab toolbox for processing data from electroencephalography (EEG), can be used as neurofeedback tool.

OpenVibe is a LGPL software platform for BCI. Its acquisition server is compatible with many EEG device including Neurosky Mindset, Emotiv EPOC (Research Edition or above) and OpenEEG. The software is developed at INRIA.

Emokit is another open-source Python library for reading out sensor data from the EPOC (Emotiv Systems) by Cody Brocious. It was built by reverse-engineering the encrypted protocol. Emokit has been deprecated in favour of emokit.

Several open-source computer programs are also available from EPFL’s CNBI project.