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OmmWriter is a free word editor which can be downloaded for free for PC, Mac, iPad. Its key-features:
* Monospace font support.
* Larger text size option to improve accessibility and for visually-challenged users.
* Access to Menu bar from within OmmWriter by scrolling to top of screen.
* Ability to create a new file using the file menu or with command + N.
* Compatible with spaces.
* Dual screen support that blanks out the second screen when in use.
* Ability to return to the original text box size (in view menu).
* New file formats to save to: .pdf.
* Improved user experience with horizontal cursor.

OmmWriter Dāna has two versions. Dāna I is available for free and Dāna II is a paid version.

However, ALL the new features mentioned above are available in BOTH versions and hence available to everybody regardless of price. The difference is in the audio-visual experiences provided. OmmWriter Dāna I comes with a basic set of 3 audio and 3 visual experiences.

OmmWriter Dāna II contains the full set of 7 audio and 8 visual experiences, which may be of interest to some of you. We are very proud of the new selection of sounds and images and hope you like them too.

Introducing OmmWriter Dāna from hs&co on Vimeo.

You can download free OmmWriter for PC on:

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