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Yes, we have all heard of this before, chop wood, carry water – enlightenment – chop wood, carry water.

This statement is so very true: the details in play prior to finding ones Self in the Realized State of Being (or Enlightenment in its full meaning) continue to be in play once Realization has occurred.

It appears to me, that there is this collective idea that once Enlightenment has occurred, the human being has been transended – as if all of the less wanted situations of the human existence disappear.

What has been transended is the identification with the human being and all of the details in play. That the details continue to play is true and real – a person does not stop being human: the body continues to exist; the mind is part of it all; the soul is felt when it is.

Of course everything becomes much more light and easy, so when a crunchy bit of life might be occurring, the person is able to be with it all in a new way: being with the details; responding as best as possible in each moment, yet not identified with the details; recognizing that these details that are in play will come and go and not to take them too seriously.

Pain still occurs. This is different from suffering which feels like a person is being punished perhaps or as if they can’t ‘get it right’ and so therefore judge themself and the details as ‘not ok’ and attempt to get rid of them.

From the Realized State of Being perspective, they are seen as ‘ok’, known as ‘ok’ – that it is just a matter of being with this play of details until it is complete and the next play of happenings arrive into the moment. Life becomes a being with the details as they rise and fall away in each moment…which is a much more easy way to be with it all, rather than attempting to stop what is happening because it is deemed as not right, not ok, or simply: wrong -this is the suffering: fighting What Is.

Come and join with us in Satsang with Canela this coming Monday evening in North Vancouver to play with letting go of resistance to the details in your life by opening to them directly, exploring them and perhaps even experiencing how they might just be Love itself Loving you.

The original post was published on Canela Michelle Meyers’s blog: http://canelamichelle.wordpress.com/2011/07/21/chop-wood-carry-water-yes-yes/