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The New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling (NSPC) was set up by Emmy van Deurzen, in collaboration with Digby Tantam, in 1996, with the specific purpose of creating a centre of excellence for the training of existential therapists and counsellors. Initially it was based at Royal Waterloo House, Waterloo alongside Schiller International University and London City College. In 2010 the relationship with SIU and LCC terminated and NSPC moved to new premises in West Hampstead, London.

The New School has had collaborations with the University of Sheffield, with Schiller International University and with Middlesex University. It has participated in many European projects for the creation of online education in psychotherapy training and has international partnerships with institutes in several countries. Online materials used by the New School have been developed by Dilemma Training, and used in many other European countries and many other Universities.

The teaching and training provided by the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling is always based in life experience and in the realization that academic and professional training have to be complemented by a deep understanding of our life experience.

However good their training is, practitioners also need the personal maturity that can only be gained by having lived through difficult times in their own lives. Indeed such crises are a special opportunity for personal development. Existential Psychotherapy does not focus on what is wrong in a person’s life, but on how a person may discover a deeper sense of being through the experience of anguish and a sense of meaning that is gained by tackling life’s challenges.

More information on http://www.nspc.org.uk/