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I propose to present a unique approach to the interface of neurological research and non-dual teaching.  It is not focused on the brain scan results of the nondual state but actually taking the results that are reported and then reverse engineering to lead to practices that not surprisingly match up with ancient principles of pointing out instructions, I will explore a series of pointing out instructions which match Brain Markers in research on meditator who have stabilized their experience and discuss how this leads to a new kind of non dual practice that is effective for initial awakening and for a kind of rewiring that supports stabilization. I have been doing a pilot study with students which will be completed by the end of the spring so this will be an opportunity to present the results publicly for the first time.

Speaker: Loch Kelly
Loch Kelly , MDiv., LCSW has a Masters degree from Columbia University in Clinical Social Work and a Masters from Union Theological in Psychology and Spirituality, where he was awarded a fellowship to study meditation traditions in Sri Lanka, India and Nepal from 1981-2.

Loch is a licensed psychotherapist and served as the Chaplain for Union Theological Seminary and was on staff at the Riverside Church Counseling Center. Loch spent years establishing homeless shelters and community lunch programs and worked in outpatient mental health in Brooklyn, New York. He has taught Buddhist Meditation for twenty five years and was a member of the New Insight Meditation Teachers Council.  He is authorized to teach meditation by Mingyur Rinpoche and has taught about the mind/brain research studies on meditators.  Loch was asked by Adyashanti in 2004 to share and teach the non dual direct path and he filled in for Adya during his recent illness. He is a practicing non dual psychotherapist and the founder of the Natural Wakefulness Center in New York City

Loch was recently on a panel at the Yale Mind Life Conference on the nature of the Self and the relief of suffering.. He is currently completing a study of the effects of modern application of pointing out instructions developed by dialogue with Dr. Andrew Newberg’s neurological research on subjects over a one year period. Loch is giving a sold out talk with Dr. Newberg this Sunday April 5th at the Rubin Museum in New York City www.lochkelly.org