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1) Hi Nandini Deka, and thanks for being with us to talk about your life as author and professional musician. Can you please tell us more about you?
Hi. I’m basicially very creative person so all forms of artistic expressions attracts me a lot. And I consider music or writing as the ultimate forms of artistic creativity. Music and books have been my lifelong partners for as long as I can remember.

I’ve also been tremendously fond of the creative part of both these arts very deeply. Hence I started creating my own work. So far, I have already released a music album (and am currently also working on few other projects) as well as have released couple of books/novellas in Amazon Kindle.

My purpose is to let the creative juices flow….

2) Several of your fictional books seems to be about relationships. How much of them is fiction, and how much real-life experience?
My main genre of writing is “social issues” ( though I’ve written other genres too ). Some of my stories dealings with relationships have been inspired by what goes on around me and not necessarily my own experience…but by observing what goes on in other people’s lives, the happy or sad moments that they go through. I’ve dealt with issues like marital problems, divorces, traumatic relationsips etc in my books so though these stories are fictional their ‘base’ is collected from reality.

3) What motivates you to write?
I love writing, and that’s the biggest motivation for me to write. I love expressing myself and what better way to express myself to the world than by writing? I have lots of stories or ideas playing in my mind all the time, so I have to write to release them all. Also there are additional perks like name and recognition, who can resist that?

4) Some of your spiritual books are described as (auto)biographical. Can you share some of your spiritual experiences with us?
I have studied and researched a lot on this subject be it spiritual or the paranormal stuff. There are certain experiences/incidents which my family or myself have gone through which I’ve documented in my books.

There are many unexplainable things happening in this world/universe around us that men have no clue about, yet these exist. So its my journey into the unknown…. and my attempts to understand it.

5) What do you think about Kindle publishing, and how do you get to spread the voice about your work there?
Amazon has given a tremendous opportunity to all us writers to offer our work to the public in a quick hassle free manner. Publishing in Kindle is most easy and if your manuscript is ready you can publish it and make it go live within a few hours. It is much easier than traditional publishing. In Amazon Kindle publishing we ourselves are the authors, the publishers and control everything be it the cover art or the price.
I use the social networking sites like facebook, twitter etc to market and promote my books.

6) How does it feel to be writing for Kindle readers from India? Do you feel the geographical distance makes a difference, even online?
Only difference is Amazon keeps a bigger pie in the form of Tax that they deduct for non-US authors. Other than that I’ve learnt a lot as my books has got exposure not just in India but all over US, UK and other European countries. Its a thrilling experience.

Thanks for being with us! You can find Nandini Deka’s books on http://www.amazon.com/Nandini-Deka/e/B005TQWPGC

Her blog is: http://NandiniSpeaks.blogspot.com