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An interesting review of When In Doubt, Make Belief has been written by Bodhipaksa and published on www.wildmind.org. The review summarizes 10 practical steps by which we can get out of doubt:

1. Choose to see the universe as friendly
2. Embrace the possibility in every moment
3. Affirm our universal potential
4. Put our commitments ahead of our comfort
5. Keep sight of the big picture and the Greater Good
6. Claim and exercise our freedom to choose
7. Picture possibilities and direct our attention [away from destructive thinking and towards constructive thoughts]
8. Act from abundance in ways that empower
9. Accept and let go of what we cannot control
10. Allow for bigger plans than our own to unfold.

Our only question mark, about an book which looks otherwise very interesting is: isn’t knowing what may be used instead of “making belief’? Even within all the limits of our senses, we can assert that there is ordinary knowledge.