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Love is more an art than a science. Music can be represented with notes, and love can be represented with variables in an equation. If you like to find your Love Index, you can use:

Love = (Aw * Ag) + (Mw * Mg) + (A1w * A1g) + (Rw * Rg) + (Ew * Eg) + (…)

Variables represent the pillars of a successful relationship:
A: Aware (being) of each other and couple’s feelings, thoughts, needs and wants
M: Meditating together, or at least sharing thoughts
A1:Active (being) together, do things together
R: Respectful (being) of each other and couple’s feelings, thoughts, needs and wants
E: Eating properly and support each other healthy lifestyle, and also feed the relationship with positive feelings and thoughts

If there are additional aspects considered too important to be included in the rest of the formula, they can also be weighted and graded.

For each of such pillars, two aspects are quantified:
w: weight, importance given to each aspect (sum of all weights should be 100)
g: grade, rating given to each aspect (each grade is a value between 0 and 1)

Please see our *Love formula page* for more detail, plus spreadsheet and printable instruction to calculate the importance of a relationship, how satisfying it is and its strength.

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