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Founded by Kathleen Bloom, The Meditation Project was created to encourage people to meditate everyday. Kathleen knew how much her own life had changed when she began to meditate everyday. “When I started to meditate, I could barely sit still for 5 minutes. I would twitch and open my eyes and and shift around. But, eventually I could do it! Then slowly, I added more time until it became easy to sit in stillness for 30 minutes or more each day. It started with 5 minutes and from there everything in my life changed.”

When her middle school daughter, Talia, started having difficulties focusing on school work and struggling to manage the peer pressure that comes with junior high, Kathleen suggested to her that she try a morning meditation. The results were immediate and dramatic. Talia found herself being able to handle situations that had previously caused her anxiety. It became possible for her to focus in class and be at ease in her friendships. It started out with just a few minutes of stillness first thing in the morning and then grew from there. Talia, at 12 years old, has a daily meditation practice of 30 minutes a day!

Kathleen knew that if daily meditation was possible and transformative for a middle school girl, then this was something for others as well. Knowing that 30 minutes of meditation would be too daunting and difficult for most people to consider, Kathleen realized that even 5 minutes of coming to stillness would help people who are constantly at “Full Steam Ahead” every day.

Recently introduced to Facebook, The Meditation Project is growing into a community of people who are encouraging each other with daily meditations. As well, there are 5 Minute Meditations posted on the Facebook page and Youtube for people to listen to and follow. Some are light hearted and others are more focused, but they are tools for helping people to begin as they commit to meditating every day. Each week on The Kathleen Bloom Show, a radio program broadcast in Seattle and live online worldwide, Kathleen teaches about meditation. Podcasts can be found at kathleenbloom.com.

As The Meditation Project grows, classes and more guided meditation podcasts are being added to the offering for people to begin, increase and deepen their daily meditation. Enjoy.