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The Korean Temple Stay program was started by the Buddhist Jogye Order on the occasion of the 2002 Korea/Japan World Cup. The Korean Temple Stay program by the Jogye Order program continues today and is gaining increasing popularity and acclaim.

Many of Jogye’s temples are located in pristine, natural mountain environments and the temple buildings and compounds are truly beautiful. In addition, many of the temples house numerous cultural treasures and properties to be appreciated by visitors. The Temple Stay programs afford participants the chance to live in such an environment, sample ordained lifestyle, and experience the mental training and cultural atmosphere of Korea’s ancient Buddhist tradition.

The Temple Stay programs include 2-or-3-night stays, and although the daily schedules may vary slightly from temple to temple, in general they include basic education in Buddhist religious services; sutra reading; meal offerings monk style; work periods; food preparation; and work in the fields.

Buddhist practices that participants may experience include hwadu meditation and chanting, and they also may hear sutra reading or Dharma talks. Cultural activities include the tea ceremony, stone rubbings, temple paintings, Buddha statue making, Zen martial arts, hiking, and taking in cultural and historical sites and objects around the temple.
Everyone is welcome to join the Temple Stay program, regardless of religious affiliation.

To contact the Temple Stay Program:
Tel: (82-2) 732-9925/7 Fax: (82-2) 732-9928
Website: www.templestaykorea.net
E-mail: ts2002@buddhism.or.kr

Example of Korean Temple Stay: Hwaeomsa’s Templstay Program
Hwaeomsa is a place to give your chaotic mind a rest and discover your True Self amidst incredible natural surroundings. Here, the clear waters of the Seomjin River meet the beautiful scenery of Jirisan Mountain. Hwaeomsa runs a variety of seasonal programs based on the changes in nature. Some of the notable programs include a walk through the wheat fields in February, a visit to the Cornelian Cherry Festival and rafting along Seomjin River during cherry blossom season in March, preparing wild green tea leaves in April, a Seon training program in the summer and winter, a trip for families up Jirisan in June, Five Days Under the Moonlight during Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving), Enjoying the Autumn from September to November, Christmas in the Mountain Temple, and a New Year’s program held at Nogodan peak on New Year’s Eve. The newly-introduced 3 Temples 3 Colors Program will bring you to three different temples where you can stay a night each. With facilities to accommodate 200 people at once, there are also programs that focus on groups and businesses.

Address : 12, Hwangjeon-ri, Masan-myeon Gurye-gun Jeollanam-do
Tel : +82-61-782-7600 / Fax : +82-61-782-7601
homepage : http://www.hwaeomsa.org
E-mail : hwaeomsa1@templestay.com