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Practical transformation is what Buddhist practice is all about. It’s also about changing the world. To practice meditation consistently is to push back hard against the tidal wave of materialism that is quite literally killing the planet….

For transformation to take place, we have to actually make friends with our mind. We have to learn to like ourselves. This is the opposite of a “get rich quick” scheme. There is no product we can purchase to aid this work. It only comes from the willingness to be with yourself, nakedly, openly, and lovingly, again and again over a long period of time. Which means we have to spend time with ourselves. A lot of time. And the time we spend with ourselves on the cushion is the opposite of passive. It’s often tough, it’s usually intense, and it leads to a hard-fought, slow-won, and revolutionary victory over self-hatred. We can actually come to like ourselves. Liking yourself is the result of acceptance. To call acceptance “radical” — as Tara Brach does — is actually a severe understatement.

(these were excerpts from Radical Buddhism and the Paradox of Acceptance on The Huffington Post – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ethan-nichtern/radical-buddhism_b_671972.html)

Help The Interdependence Project Build a Practical Transformative Space in NYC?

The Interdependence Project is seeking to build its own community space in NYC. With hundreds of active members in NYC and around the world, the staff and board of IDP would love for you to consider donating to our Building Bridges Campaign (http://theidproject.org/node/879).

Many people have told me personally that they’ve benefited from listening to our podcasts or one of our study-at-home courses (http://theidproject.org/media). For only $108 (http://theidproject.org/building-bridges-donation), you can extend that same opportunity, in the form of upcoming live video conference courses and podcasts, to a new practitioner who can’t join us in person.

If you’ve been personally transformed by the practice of meditation, then invest 6 sq ft, or $216 (http://theidproject.org/building-bridges-donation), the exact amount of physical and mental space needed for one new meditator to connect deeply with her mind this year. Or, if you can’t afford this yourself, we are providing tools and email templates for you to reach out to five friends, each of which can invest in one square foot of space (http://theidproject.org/sites/default/files/IDPBuildingBridgesTemplate_outoftown.pdf). And if you want to match my personal donation to the cause, you can invest or bundle with friends 15 sq feet, $540, and provide our growing staff with a real office workstation.

Email info@theidproject.org for more information.