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What everyone wants to know from an i-Doser review: does i-Doser work? The short answer: download i-Doser for free, and try it for yourself 🙂

I-Doser offers Binaural Brainwave Doses that simulate a specific mood or experience though the use of specialized audio. There are i-Doser mp3 for Sleep, and i-Doser Youtube used as Game Enhancers.

The i-Doser software has been developed by Nick Ashton, who claims the separately purchasable content aims to simulate specific mental states through the use of binaural beats. The i-Doser software works on Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android. The I-Doser tracks are usually 30-40 minutes long. i-Doser downloads include mp3 for relaxation, mind/mental improvement, like the title Brain+, or 3 called Alpha, Beta, and Theta to target those parts of the brainwaves.

You can try free I-Doser Doses here.