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Thought Sounds is a collection of royalty-free soundtracks for brainwave entrainment, hypnosis and relaxation. Even without added scripts, effects, or entrainment, these soundtracks are profoundly relaxing. Brilliantly composed, they are also fascinating and innovative musical pieces, adding a new dimension to any audio/visual experience.

You can try Thought Sounds for free (no credit card required) and get a 10% discount coupon if you decide to keep it.

Thought Sounds offers 70 soothing and thought-provoking soundtracks:
Ethnic inspired soundtracks (Indian, Celtic, Middle Eastern, Asian, etc)
Weightlessness, Floating, Outer Space soundtracks
Spiritual (choir, meditation, shamanic)
“Primordial” Sounds
Nature (rain, forest, etc) combined with ambient sound
Unique Musical Tracks

Transparent Corporation

Thought Sounds also offers 66 soundtrack variations, based on the main 70 soundtracks, but with different arrangements, instruments and techniques. This gives you more flexibility and many additional options. You could, for example, have a single soundtrack as a main theme for your audio production, and use the variations to set a different mood or add variety.

Thought Sounds is also ideal for:
Broadcast Media (Documentary, Films, Television, Radio)
Business (Presentations, Demos, Marketing)
High quality background sound (for Retail, Office environments, Massage parlors, etc)
Personal projects or musical enjoyment
Relaxation, Meditation or Sleep