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Do you want to know how to become CEO of your company, for personal benefit and to benefit your colleagues, customers, etc.? If so, please check our free booklet How to become CEO.

As suggested in our AmAre approach, start by being Aware: forget all the books and expensives seminars given by rock-star CEOs. In most of the cases, you are just paying to listen to what the speaker thinks you want to hear; a wonderful opportunity to learn communication skills, but not a venue to learn how to become a CEO. Getting at the top is not easy, because many people aspire to the same results, and among the ones who don’t, there are some who just like, or happen, to obstruct the path of others.

In this post about becoming CEO of a company, we integrated into AmAre some of the advices provided by Jeffrey Pfeffer in his book “Power – Why some people have it, and others don’t”.

Affirmations to become a CEO:
You can become a CEO and live a happy, meaningful and fulfilling life.

There are skillful ways to become a CEO.

There are skillful ways to stay as a CEO.

AmAre is an acronym which summarizes approaches which facilitate living happy, meaningful and fulfilling lives (that includes fullfilling your goal of becoming a company CEO):
* A – Aware and Accepting
* M – Meaningful and Motivated
* A – Active and Attentive
* R – Resilient and Respectful
* E – Eating properly and Exercising

What do you need to be aware of?
Jeffrey Pfeffer (in his book “Power – Why some people have it, and others don’t”) lists seven important personal qualities that build power:
– ambition
– energy
– focus
– self-knowledge
– confidence
– empathy with others
– capacity to tolerate conflict

These are seven important personal qualities that build power (inspired by Jeffrey Pfeffer’s research, but not identical) the AmAre way:
– To be motivated
– To be energetic
– To be focused
– To be aware
– To be confident
– To be empathic
– To be accepting

How to act to become CEO?
While each context demands its own set of approaches, these are some common ways to be act to become CEO.

When we start:
– if we wait for resources before we start, than we may just end up waiting forever. Let’s start with what we have here and now
– provide attention and support
– do small but important tasks
– build a resource base inside and outside your organization
– leverage association with prestigious institutions

What to do:
– ask, even if it is not easy to ask, pepole like to be asked (asking is flattering)
– stand out and be noticed
– likability is overrated, and attitudes follow behavior (if we act in a certain way – ex: friendly towards a person we do not like – after we also start feeling that way – friendlier terms with that person)
– remember that people forget and forgive

Being resilient as a CEO?
As stated in the introduction, the road to become CEO of a company is not that easy, otherwise many other people would have just walked it. However, let’s stay aware of the fact that reality is mainly constructed by our awareness and actions, and that we can bounce back and stick to our goals.

Overcoming opposition:
– try tenderness and leave people a graceful way out
– don’t case unnecessary problems
– don’t take things personally
– advance on multiple fronts
– move first
– make your objectives seem compelling

Copying with setbacks:
– don’t give up
– act as if – projecting power and success