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Holistic affiliate programs are a way to put your content at the service of your website visitors, making your web-presence financially sustainable. If you organise events etc. you can use holistic affiliate marketing as a way to keep your activities independent, at the same time covering the costs of renting a space etc.

There are many holistic affiliate programs available, so you may want to choose wisely and limit the products and services you mention on your website to a few selected ones. A honest recommendation is often based on personal experience: what worked for you? Do you have any product or service which really facilitated your well-being? If so, then you are more motivated in sharing it with other people as well.

Holistic affiliate programs
Shareasale.com offers a wide selection of merchants you can promote on your website. Look among the merchants offering holistic services etc. and you may find a perfect fit!

Holistic affiliate marketing tools
How do you promote holistic affiliate programs? Start from the basics: bring to your readers’ attention the services and products which you like and trust.

Other holistic affiliate marketing tools include:
– advertising on Facebook
– bidding on Google AdWords
– writing eBooks on related subjects