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Holidays depression and holidays stress: how to live joyfully during holidays. You can also download as PDF our “Holidays depression: how to live joyfully during holidays“.

Winter holidays bring parties, celebrations, cheering, sharing, etc. Unfortunately, we often attach high expectations to them, and this may result in holidays stress. These are easy steps you can embrace to live joyfully during the holidays:

Be present, and accepting
Live in the present. The present is all you have. If you enjoy the present, then live it at its full potential! If you feel down, then just breath. Breath in, breath out, Breath slowly, to relax your sympathetic system. You may have your lucky charm, your favourite jokes to tell, etc. However, sometimes you may not be able to use them. Breathing is always with you, so keep it your friend.

If you are spending time with someone you love, breathe. It will allow you to be present with that person, rather than thinking about work or other things you need to do.

Recharge and positive phrasing
Some of us recharge while being in a group. They feel the energy coming from other beings. Some of us recharge in a quiet environment. Their energy grows while in nature, reading a book, etc. Know what recharges you, and refill your batteries for the holidays.

Visualize more what you want to be, and less what you want to move away from. Positive visualizations and course of actions, being/doing what you want to be/do, are more powerful than negative ones (moving away from something).

Share the ride, and volunteer
Can you share with a trusted friend your feelings about the holidays times? Spontaneously, by sharing some of the ups and downs. Without emphasizing any specific aspect.

Balance this “holiday budding” with sharing your real gifts (not the material ones!) with society. Can you volunteer for a shelter, canteen, senior’s group, etc.? By shifting the attention from you to other precious beings, you reconnect with your real nature.

Get plenty of walking, and fresh air. If you already have a regular schedule (gym, yoga, pilates, etc.) try to keep it, or modify it to ensure you get your physical activity. After a generous lunch and some talking, excuse yourself and take a short walk near-by. You can bring some friends/relatives with you, or just have a quiet walk.

Make a plan B
When you are in a quiet environment, where you feel safe and in peace, enjoy the blissful experience. And gently touch one area of your body (ex.: wrist). If, for any reason, you find your inner peace feels shaken during the holidays, just centre your attention on your breath as it is. And gently touch again your chosen spot. Your breath and your peaceful spot have always been there, are there now, and always will be. And so is your ability to enjoy life as it unfolds, during holidays and during the rest of the year.