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Himalaya Film Festival USA: New York City 22 – 28 October 2010. New York City Meets The Himalayas  – A Visual Feast At The Quad Cinema

Interested in the Himalayas? Interested in its people, culture, nature and politics? Interested in beautiful movies? Then do not hesitate any longer, take on the challenge, and come and enjoy the unique footage at our must-see Film Festival.

The Himalaya Film Festival offers you a fascinating selection of approximately 30 movies and documentaries of very high quality. The program offers a great range of footage and visitors will be treated to kaleidoscopic perceptions. Do not miss out on an excellent opportunity to enjoy these rare and spectacular images!

This event is also an introduction to the everyday life of the region and the lesser-known sides of the Himalayas. In fact, quite a lot of attention will be given to breathtaking movies on, for instance, Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan showing dramatic landscapes, heartwarming scenes of everyday life, cultural gems and religious festivals. Real highlights!

The festival has become an established yearly cultural event known across the Netherlands. Glenn Krishna Mitrasing, medical doctor by day and festival organiser by night, says audience numbers continue to rise every year.  It’s no small achievement that in the few years since 2003, when he launched the first Himalaya Film Festival in Amsterdam, the event has done so well. And it’s very likely to travel to other European countries in the future. Meanwhile, the festival has been to Tokyo, Japan, several times, where it was a big hit. No wonder it’s becoming more and more popular in Japan!

The program of the Himalaya Film Festival has been divided into sessions of two or three movies each, that cohere around a common theme. The movies will be screened at the Quad Cinema, a prime location in Greenwich Village, the cultural heart of Manhattan. The Quad is frequented by passionate moviegoers eager to see the best in independent, foreign and documentary movies. It is a venerable theater owned and beautifully maintained by the same family since 1972.

Come and meet the people living on the roof of the world. Find out what inspires both participants and organisation.

Himalaya Film Festival

October 22 – 28, 2010

The Quad, Greenwich Village, 34 West 13th Street, New York City

Unique footage and cultural gems at a must-see Film Festival

For more information please visit www.himalayafilmfestival.us in October