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Flourish by Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman – Chapter 2: Creating your happiness: positive psychology exercises that work

We learn that the famous “Gratitude visit”, which is a must in many personal development books now, was designed by Marisa Lascher. The visit is about writing a letter of gratitude to a person who made a difference for you; the letter should be concrete, and about 300 words long. Make sure the letter tells how your benefactor’s actions positively affect your life. Call her/him up, schedule a time to meet, then read her/him the letter. Share feelings with each others at the end of the letter.

Seligman says that dieting is not lasting, while well-being intervention are. Why? Because dieting is about doing things we don’t want to do, or avoid things we want to do (eating), while well-being interventions are strengths-based and likable. Like writing what went well today: find three blessings and write why they happened. Keep doing this on a daily basis, and effects will be visible after six months.

Signature strengths
Characterized by authenticity, excitement in displaying them, rapid learning curve, joy in finding new ways to use them, inevitability in using them, feeling invigorated instead of drained, personal projects evolve around them, enthusiasm/joy in sharing them

Exercise: identify one signature strength, schedule a time to use it in a concrete way

For more information: Positive Psychotherapy: a treatment manual, Martin Seligman and Tayyab Rashid