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Existential psychotherapy and counselling courses on http://www.nspc.org.uk

One-day workshops:

(£120, Concessions: £90 for NSPC Staff/Students)

14 January

Mindfulness and Existential Therapy with Jyoti Nanda

6 February

How to be an Existentialistwith Gary Cox

10 February
Introduction to Existential Psychotherapy with Claire Arnold-Baker

24 February

Making up the Answers: The Art of Role-play as a Teaching Tool with Josh Darcy

21 April
Life Training with Emmy van Deurzen and Sasha Smith

14 May

Using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA)with Pnina Shinebourne

17 May

Exploration of Working with Sexual Issueswith Gerlinde Wilberg

14 June

Exploration of Working with Disorders with Gerlinde Wilberg

7 July
Existential Zen with Manu Bazzano

21 July
Introduction to Neuro-Phenomenology with Manu Bazzano


Cinema and Emotion with Rialda Sebek


20 January

Applications of the emotional compass model with Emmy van Deurzen

17 February

Shifting cultures: why coming back home may not be as easy as you think with Niklas Serning

16 March

Psychotherapy online: the way forward, or a dead-end?with Digby Tantam

20 April

Burn out and the Myth of Fulfilment- Love and the Art of Psychotherapy with Hugh Knopf

27 April

Keeping the relationship safe in intercultural therapy with Golnar Byat

4 May

Voices of drinkers with John Bennett

18 May

Dynamic interpersonal therapy with Alessandra Lemma

1 June

Living with your Emotions with Emmy van Deurzen

1 June

Rewriting the Rules of Relationships with Meg Barker

10 Week Courses:

5 May – 7July

Evidence Based Psychological Treatments (EBPT) with Daniel Mirea