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Italy is, by antonomasia, the country of poets and artists. It is known for its beautiful climate and excellent food, but it is also the birthplace of brilliant scientists, men and women who have contributed to increase our knowledge of the world that surrounds us. In this presentation, organized in collaboration with the office of the Scientific Attache’ of the Italian Embassy in Ottawa, Dr. Cimmino will briefly go through the careers of the most significant (past and present) Italian names in physics, outlining their contributions to the progress of humankind.
Dr. Anna Cimmino, a graduate of the University of Naples, went on to obtain her PhD in Fundamental and Applied Physics from the same university, before starting her current post-doc at the University of Gent, B elgium. In 2004 she spent a term as a summer student at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, and in 2007 she was an associate at FermiLab in Chicago, USA.

Admission is free, pre-registration required: iicvancouver@esteri.it or 604.688.0809 ext. 22