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Developmental Audit

March 14, 2011

Developmental Auditâ„¢ offers a fresh alternative to traditional deficit based assessment. Professionals will learn how to engage the young person as a primary data source and full participant in this reflective and restorative process. The Audit teaches how to involve young persons who are in conflict to join in the process of solving problems and finding solutions, and is particularity relevant where youth are at risk for removal from school or placement in restrictive settings.

Forming this positive alliance requires specific strategies to CONNECT with the young person, CLARIFY challenges, and RESTORE bonds of respect. Problems are seen as evidence of conflict in the ecology of family, school, peer group, and community. As a youth and adult explore key life events, they are able to identify how the youth copes with challenging behavior, both in resilient and self-defeating ways.

The Developmental Audit; also scans available records and taps perspectives of other significant persons in the child’s life. The Audit presents this young person’s personal story and addresses these two key questions:
# How did this young person come to this point in his or her life?
# Where should we go from here to create a restorative outcome?

Audits can be as expansive or simple as time and circumstances allow. When used in life-altering proceedings, such as transfer of juvenile offenders to adult court, a very extensive Audit may be indicated. On the other hand, time efficient methods are particularly helpful in school settings or where limited assessment resources are available. The Audit can be used as a stand-alone assessment or in conjunction with other diagnostic and assessment tools.

More information about this, and other resilience-training opportunities by the Circle of Courage, are available on http://circleofcourageinstitute.org/