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Dashama Konah

May 27, 2010

Dashama Konah – Dashama.comdashama2-sm
Dashama Konah, is an internationally known Teacher, Author and Lifestyle Coach. Founder of the Global 30 Day Yoga Challenge, Perfect 10 Lifestyle online Community, Yoga for Foster Children and Pranashama Yoga School.

Her lifelong interest in Health and Life Transformation, Conscious Human Evolution and Environmental Awareness have lead to the production of 4 best selling instructional Yoga DVDs and 2 books.
Her life mission is to help raise the vibration of the collective to usher in the new Golden Age of Enlightenment that is upon us. She teaches Pranashama Vinyasa yoga, the fusion style developed from her extensive background in Power, Vinyasa, Anusara and Asthanga Yoga, Qi Gong Internal Energy Medicine & Thai Yoga Massage. Truth, Freedom, Strength, Grace & Love are her greatest sources of inspiration.

As reported on http://www.whistleryogaconference.com (Whistler Yoga Conference, June 4-6 2010, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada).