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Conception Day 2012 (March 22nd) is organised by the Shift Network, with Barbara Marx Hubbard, Neale Donald Walsch, Jean Houston, Michael Beckwith, Jack Canfield, Lynne McTaggart and other top transformational leaders – all sharing their insights on how we can make best use of 2012, empowering you to envision and conceive a new story for humanity. Get all the details and register for free here: http://conceptionday2012.com

Conception Day 2012 is the launch of the Shift Network’s nine-month campaign that builds towards a planetary Birth Day, in which we’re envisioning 100 million converging worldwide to celebrate and activate the birth of a new era. This historic campaign has already attracted top leaders, dozens of organizations and the buzz of 65,000 participants in past events, who want to help our world turn the corner in time.

Conception Day will also launch Barbara Marx Hubbard’s highly anticipated Birth 2012 and Beyond book, a Birth 2012 TV Channel, and more. We can begin this journey on March 22nd and work together to build to a truly planetary scale through nine months of collaboration, reaching the tipping point together for the years ahead.

2012 is not a year to succumb to doom and gloom. It’s the perfect time to build on the heightened anticipation and to conceive powerful collaborations for the dawning of new era for the world. Let’s make it truly special!

You can join Barbara and other top leaders online March 22nd, or in person in Los Angeles for our exciting celebration at “The Dome.” Join for the free global broadcast on http://conceptionday2012.com