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This is an event for those who are dedicating their lives and beings to bringing transformational culture to the tipping point: cultural creatives, movers and shakers, and community builders. It will run from November 19 (7 pm) to November 21 (4 pm).

Through mutual trust, love, belongingness, nurturing, and supportive relationship, this event will build a team which itself is a community; a team of people who seek deeper levels of integrated community for themselves and others and enjoy journeying together. They will become catalysts and guides for one another. Through archetypal emotional experience of nature’s elements, this retreat will reawaken ancient pathways to community relationships and synergy and solidify new systems of energetic exchange.

The intimate team that forms will represent shifts in Politics, Economics, Technology, Healthcare, Governance, Community Building, Spirituality, Communication, Arts and Music, Philanthropy, Technology, Media, and Law.

This event will provide a container for all sectors to come together, create shared agreements, learn new processes for exchanging resources and visions, and bond together under one umbrella. Organized in this way, people can live life to its fullest and build future survival capability for the generations to come. If you are someone who has dedicated your life to systemic change and is interested in creating a mutual support network, then this event may be for you.

What you can expect to see at the event:
* Building supportive relationships
* Ritual, music, dance, & heart-based exchange
* Whole systems planning and architecting
* Creating transformational umbrella
* Creation of shared agreements
* Presentations of each other’s work

Activities will include:
* Workshops and playshops
* Ritual, dance and music
* Transformational processes
* Collaborative art & channeling
* Strategic architecting
* Lifestyle exploration

More information on http://www.banyen.com/events/20101119moversandshakers.htm?utm_source=Blossoming%2C+the+Hum+from+Banyen+Books+%26+Sound&utm_campaign=d1a0a08bce-Blossoming_1110&utm_medium=email